Collide on the Other Side of Fear

Broken_isnt_bad: on instagram used with permission

Everything we want is on the other side of fear 
Then why is it we feel safer to live here?

Let’s expose ourselves and take the leap
Knowing courage and joy is ours to keep 
Knowing truth is our honor 
Take our hearts to their peaks 
Exploring the realm of mystique 
Investigating what’s possible 
If even for a moment 
To have a chance to be with a dance poet 
Step outside and live out loud 
Walk to the other side of fear 
Surrender, be brave, and we will be proud 
In this beauty we can live for a hot second 
And love for a minute 
In this space we are in bliss for a moment 
Let’s be all in, let’s own it 
Tomorrow it could all disappear 
But in this moment, we can live here
Knowing we made it 
To the other side of fear