Coming home at Thanksgiving

You know how some days you have more spring in your step than other days, well today I had. The reason, by 6 30 pm I would be in Northern Ireland. Cee dropped me at the station and off I went with my luggage trolley. I was going to ‘The Bird table’ in Luton first and then rather than complete my usual journey on the train home I would get out at Luton Parkway station. It reminded me of those stories I wrote a few months ago in which I jumped from the train and flew about with Jesus. I must insert the link when I get a minute.

On this occasion, I pressed the button, got out, got the shuttle bus and then got on a plane and flew.

Belfast was as a Christmas tree as we came into land, the lights from the street, cars and homes as dots from the sky.

There was even someone on the plane who I knew though they didn’t know me. An opportunity did arise to introduce myself and mention mutual friends, that is a sign you are nearing Northern Ireland.

These annual trips in the last few years have helped reconnect me with friends from my life here. Mark and Lynne met me at the airport. I met them 26 years ago when they gave me lift home. Then I was living in Banbridge, County Down and we attended the same church and knew each other in passing. That lift, that day, changed our friendship and I became part of their family in Banbridge. Time has passed though opportunities came again enabling us to reconnect.

As we sat down to a meal in their home the thanks for the meal, their friendship seemed totally fitting on Thanksgiving.

Lynne , me and Mark