Create a Secret Identity for Yourself

Retrieved from Creative Commons 5/27/2017

It’s a toss up. If I were to create a secret identity for myself I’d choose to either be a stripper or a Jason Bourne type.

A stripper would be exciting with the exception of my husband most likely killing me. Well maybe not necessarily killing me but he’d be rather pissed and possibly grossed out.

The benefits of being a stripper would be dancing for money. I dance in my living room, technically withe my clothes on but it’s somewhat the same thing. Exercise, dancing is great exercise. It would keep me healthy. I’d be healthy and making money. Double score.

Strippers usually work at night, from what I’ve seen in movies anyway. That would work out with my lack of desire to get out of bed during the day. Might as well do something productive when I finally do get up and consider the possibility of being productive. I’d need a stripper name to keep my real identity safe. Maybe Margo, or Lucinda.

Now, if I had a secret identity like Jason Bourne that would be super awesome. Well, the part where I’d consistently be traveling around the world in hiding. I’m introverted so it would mesh well with my already introverted personality.

I’m not sure I could stab people with pens or kill them with dictionaries but I do admire the idea of solving a mystery. I’ve always wanted to have a reason to put the puzzle pieces together and take down corruption in whatever way it’s done you or I wrong. I’d need a name to protect my real identity. Maybe Paul Ruby or Mickey Diamond.

My secret identity? It’s a toss up. A flip of a coin really.