Dear Books, Please Fall in Love With Me

365 Writing Prompt

Retrieved from Book Mania

Writing Prompt: Would you trade your paper books for digital ones?

The thing about books is you can physically touch them, feel the pages beneath your fingers as you flip pages, collect them on a bookcase and ogle them from across the room.

You’re able to read them when batteries die out. You can cuddle with your spouse while curled up with “a good book.” They smell good. They smell like books. Books have this smell to them. I can’t describe it.

You can pass your favorite reads around to your friends. You can hand them down to the next generation of family members.

You can write notes along the sides of the pages, highlight the words or have the author sign your copy.

You can go into bookstores and feel up the covers, run your fingers across the binding and sit on the floor reading, forcing customers to step over you.

Books may be the only thing in the world that has an acceptable hoarder status.

Here we are in the digital age and I fear that one day physical books will become a lost art. Technology is intended to make everything easier. You can read on your cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC. You’re cell phone fits in your pocket and takes up less space than a book when you’re traveling.

Digital is automatic bright light so you don’t have to squint when trying to read. You can screen shot your favorite passages and share them on social media. You can download borrowed copies from the library while never leaving your house making it convenient during hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards when you can’t go out, if the internet is still functioning, that is.

It takes up less space so you have more room for things that will collect dust that you have no real interest in. You can hope your electronic device doesn’t get smashed or stolen.

Digital puts independent bookstores out of business and those are some of the coolest places to hangout. Sitting in a fuzzy, bright colored chair, sipping your coffee and checking out what the book is all about before making the purchase.

Maybe I’m old school, and if so that’s okay. After weighing the pros and cons I would never trade in my books for digital anything. It just wouldn’t feel right to read the greats like Gellhorn, Joyce, Chehov, Bukowski, Bradbury and many more in digital form.

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