Sílvia Bastos
Nov 9, 2017 · 2 min read
Illustration by the author.

This is the first day of my new 30 day challenge: each day, I will be writing at least 100 words about a different emotion, in whatever shape or genre feels appropriate.

30 days might not seem much, but it works for me.

For the last few months I have embarked on a few 30 day challenges: no sugar, writing 500 words per day, no alcohol, 30 minutes of yoga. I have even completed one 30 day challenge with my partner where we danced together everyday in different places (the kitchen, the elevator, local festivals, playgrounds, busking, etc.) Some were successful, and some were… well, almost successful, but they all taught me something, and they all made me grow.

This one will be different, because there will be an audience. If I fail, everyone will see it (well, even if for now “everyone” means like 3 people), and therefore my motivation is stronger.

Everyday for the next 30 days, I will chose an emotion, and I will put in words whatever it triggers in me. It might be a short fiction, it might be a poem, or it might be just me telling you about my day.

Whatever shape this challenge takes, I look forward to it as an adventure. I am excited to discover what’s ahead, and I hope to bring you something of value along the way.

P.S.: I will try to include my own illustrations or photography as often as possible, although I cannot guarantee that it will happen for every single piece of text.

Hopes and Dreams for Our Future

We believe in dreaming big and smashing our goals.

Sílvia Bastos

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Journaling my way to happiness. I’ll show you how here: www.journalsmarter.com

Hopes and Dreams for Our Future

We believe in dreaming big and smashing our goals.

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