emotion#12: Anxiety

Illustration by the author.

What will they think of me today?
Why haven’t I finished my work?
I can’t stay here anymore. Maybe I can escape and no one will see me leaving. 
But they will see I am missing
And then there is the exam… what if I fail? Everyone will see me fail.
And then I will know I am not good enough. I will know for sure
No, there is no escape. 
If only I could get my chest to feel lighter, if I could rip this pressure away…
There is so much to do, and they all know it. They all have their eyes on me. Should I breath slower, or faster? I forgot… I knew it before, why don’t I know it anymore?

The world is slipping away, and I have no control over anything. It’s OK, control is not good. Maybe I should write about all of this, but I just can’t: I can’t stop now. I can’t stop doing. I have to go on, because tasks will not complete themselves. I have to keep on moving. Go, go, go.