emotion#13: Joy

Sketch by the author.

I wake up and see the world below me. The air is cold, exactly how I like it. My children are still asleep, and how beautiful they are!

They will want to be fed when they wake up, so I spread my wings and leave the comfort of the nest.

I feel the wind blowing on my face. Life is quiet, and I like it this way. I fly to a nearby tree, and I stop for a moment on one of the highest branches. I breath in, I am myself. I breath out, I am a part of the universe.

Never before have I been as happy as I am today, I think. Maybe it’s because I can’t remember anything that happened before today.

I quickly forget my thoughts and move on. I am in the air again, and I am weightless. My sense of mission overtakes all the available thinking space:

Food. Children. Survival.

I realize how big everything around me is, but it doesn’t bother me: it inspires me, because this is exactly as it is supposed to be. Just me, this moment, and my goal. I am focused, and I am open.