emotion#19: Longing

Illustration by the author.

When I close my eyes I can see her smiling face next to mine.

I remember the texture of her lips, the taste of her mouth. I remember the shyness and the giggles. And of course, I remember how quickly they went away and gave place to mutual desire.

It’s been two days since I left, but today I woke up feeling her next to me. The combined duration of our time together sums up to a few hours, but the memory of her is years old.

I learned how to fall in love with a stranger again. I love that I don’t need her, and yet I get to taste the bitter sweetness of her absence, like the familiar perfume of a stranger in the subway.

She is beautiful and she’s not here, but I was there. We were there. And now I’m gone, and tomorrow I will feel her in someone else’s eyes.