emotion#2: Disgust

Illustration by the author.

HE: What do you mean, you’re leaving?

SHE: I can’t stay here anymore. One more look at these walls, at this table, at this bed, at this horrible carpet, and I will go mad. I can’t stand it anymore.

HE: You can’t leave me.

SHE: I would rather if you wouldn’t tell me what I can or cannot do.

HE: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you… I just love you so much. Is there anything I can do to make you change your mind? I’ll do anything.

SHE: Look, you can’t make me change my mind, OK? It’s my mind, and whether it changes or not is entirely up to me. You have no power over the way how I feel, or the decisions I choose to make.

HE: But… what did I do wrong? I can undo it, I can be better, if you only give me a chance. I can give you more space, I can…

SHE: There is nothing you can do to change this. And I don’t like it when you beg: the more you beg, the more I want to leave. I… I don’t like to talk like this, you know? I don’t like to sound mean, or harsh… but I will go now.

(She leaves)

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