emotion#4: Nostalgia

Picture taken by the author. The painting on the wall is by an unknown artist, somewhere in Thailand.

Three friends went to the beach together.

The first one wore flip flops, the second one a backpack, and the third one a scarf. They took a bottle of warm tea, and sipped it sitting on the rocks. They were prepared for a chilly sunset.

A few meters away, a blond young man took off his clothes and ran naked into the ocean. Before he did it, he smiled at the three friends, and they smiled back, screaming encouraging words that he couldn’t hear over the blowing wind.

Over the horizon there were ships and sailboats. It had been a while since the three friends last shared their stories, their smiles and their presence. If not for their memories, they would be strangers — just like the smiling nude swimmer.

After the sun was set and the conversation had faded, the three friends stood up and walked along the water, their feet cold to the bone dipped in the playful waves of the Atlantic.

On their way, they saw seagulls, and they imagined being children again.

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