emotion#6: Tranquility

Photo by the author.

One of my biggest pleasures in life is listening to Radiohead’s “Nude” when I drive long distances. Especially if the sun is about to set. I am sure this song makes a lot of people want to fall asleep, but to me it it’s one of the most beautiful things that ever came out of Humanity and it feels like heaven. It feels like 6am feels. It feels like a day without coffee; it feels like all trees in the world rustling their leaves together in the soft breeze of the afternoon.

Everyday I become more at peace with the fact that I can’t do everything at once. Some days — usually when the air is cold but the sun is shining — I wake up with a deep feeling of acceptance, and I understand that life takes time to happen.

Of course, there are moments when that feeling seems temporarily endangered — a sudden thought about money, or the realization that I might not be giving enough attention to my loved ones — but in those days, it doesn’t really matter.

In those days, my heartbeat is slow, my mind is clear, and I can see the path.