emotion#9: Passion

Artwork by the author.

SHE: “Earlier today I looked at you and I couldn’t help falling in love.”

HE: “I thought you were in love with me already.”

SHE: “Yeah, but today was different. Sometimes it happens, you know? It’s like, I look at you, and I can see a whole new level of beauty. Suddenly, all the details about you make perfect sense: they all come together to make me understand, once again, what an admirable human being you are, and they show me that it’s up to me whether I want to see it or not. Whatever jokes you would tell, I would laugh like crazy. I wanted to be close to you all the time. Everything you said triggered incredibly deep realizations inside me, and I thought you must be the wisest being on Earth. Everything about you was the most authentic thing I had ever seen: your smile, your clothes, your hair, your words, your gestures, your smell, everything. Everything felt real, more real than life itself.

“Right now, I can still see it. I hope I will never forget it. Now I know I can choose to see you this way all the time. I can want you all the time, repeat this moment over and over again. And I want to, because your authenticity brings me back to reality; it’s like a compass correcting my deviations from myself. I look at you, and I am humble, and then I am beautiful. If you would be a mirror, you would be a magical one.”