End of year accomplishments

Or: What I didn’t see coming

Photo credit: Len/ poseliketwiggy

So when 2016 was approaching an end I didn’t set many goals and I didn’t have a resolution. All I knew was that I wanted to write and I wanted to post these musings online. However, I was so nervous about that ‘first ever post’ that I didn’t get round to it for a long time. My boyfriend recommended Medium as a suitable platform with a good, supportive community. I was still hasty. I made an account here on Medium but usually searched whatever I was interested in and commented. I was too nervous to do anything else.

However, April came around and with an unexpected boost from Erika I managed to ‘get over myself’ and began posting on life-with-cats. I overcame the anxiety from that initial first post!

Since then, my writing routine has been up and down. I started to participate in the October writing challenge and although that didn’t last, I did learn a few things. I’ve been a bit absent this month due to working two jobs but I’m here to recap and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Here are the things I have done in 2017 that have had an impact on my life:

  • I turned vegan
  • I quit Roller Derby
  • I joined Medium and started writing
  • I created a blog (noposerspermitted.blogspot.co.uk)
  • I learned how to skateboard
  • Donated/ sold/ gave away many possessions and half my wardrobe
  • Drastically changed my views on consumerism and sentiment on material objects
  • I grew my eyebrows back after 4 years of having none… (only halfway. They might not stay…)
  • I found value in experiances and memories instead of objects and things
  • My boyfriend and I finally went on our first holiday abroad (BCN)
  • I went on a family holiday with his entire family (!!!!)
  • I lost my dad (he’s not dead!)
  • I moved jobs to one that has a immensly positive community
  • I grew out my mohawk.. (Still have green hair!)
  • I cut my hair the shortest its ever been
  • I lost and found myself again
  • I met some of my (quad) skate idols
  • I became a BRSF qualified skate coach (Hit me up!)
  • I learned how to snowboard (Duuuuuuude)
  • I attended my first skateboarding competition (spectator)
  • I conquered my fear of hill starts and driving up intensly huge hills. (The Dales is an amazing place to learn such things)
  • I tried ice hockey…
  • I began learning how to do headstands. Before I did this I thought it looked super easy and I’d have this accomplished in no time. Nope. I learned this requires a great deal of concentration and strength. I’m slowly getting there but I enjoy the silence of practising this.

I’ve learned a lot this year and I’ve decided to stay here on Medium. Thank you for having me. Thank you for reading, supporting and encouraging me to stick at it and again, Happy New Year to you all!

Thanks for reading- If you enjoyed this post let me know- thanks!

If you wish to visually keep up to date with my skating adventures, you can do so here: instagram.com/littledark0ne/