Five Questions of Creativity

Maybe I’ll Make it, Maybe I Won’t

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Write three things you learned from the last book you read

Short stories can be fascinating.

Chekhov was an amazing fiction writer while I can’t even muster up a paragraph of fabrication.

Even in 1886 there were stories written about significant others cheating on one another. No wonder the divorce rate is so high 128 years later.

Write about one thing you’ve been procrastinating on

Basically everything, but if had to choose one I feel most badly about it would be telling myself I will write at least 1000 words each day for my work in progress that’s due to be completed by August 19, 2017. I started it in May and am currently at 474 words. I am epically failing at writing and over achieving at procrastinating.

Write five bad ideas

Wearing sequin for any reason, any occasion, at all, period.

Voting for Trump. (I didn’t specifically because it’s a bad idea.)

Watching musicals on purpose. (Unless you’re trying to score with your date and he/she wants to watch it on purpose. Sometimes you gotta suck it up to get laid.)

Mixing wine with hedge trimming. (Not only is it dangerous but the hedges will also look like shit.)

Going to the zoo in 117 degree weather. (I was sun poisoned for the following three days.)

Answer someone’s question on Quora

Question: “Why are people with Bipolar Disorder dangerous?”

My Answer: “Why are you uneducated?”

This response earned me a bit of backlash.

Write my own definition of success

My definition of success is when I go to bed at night feeling good about the day and myself. I don’t base success on my bank account, social status or accomplishments.