Flat living and laughing out loud

gj photo 15/5/17

My idea of living in cycles seems to be paying off as Monday just seemed to be the next stage of the cycle rather than the start of anything, fewer expectations.

I bumped into a neighbour this morning. One of the benefits of living in a flat (US apartment) is you get to know your neighbours as you have to let them know, from time to time, their noise is too loud, their dog is barking when they are out or they let you know you have a leak which is dripping into their abode. The most difficult conversation I had, actually I wrote it, is when a neighbour sex life was so good that I could hear. It is always a risk and I have been unfortunate on occasions though on this he, although a little embarrassed, took it in good spirit.

I live in a complex with 30 flats and one of the requirements is that the lessees ( the owners of the leaseholds) run a company that manages the communal parts. A few of us have to be directors to comply with company law and I am one of them.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an occasion to get to know new residents and from there you bump into your neighbours and have little chats. There is always something to complain about so we never run out of things to talk about. The downside is that Ciara feels embarrassed that we live in a flat in contrast to the rest of the world who live in houses.

After listening to her concern I made my way to, ‘The Clock Inn’.

It has been tough since we moved to new premises particularly for the kitchen staff. I was on vegetables today near two of our chefs when we had a moment. One of the chefs was talking about an experience he had when the other and I simultaneously started to crack and when one saw the other the laughter burst forth.

I laughed like I hadn’t laughed since we had moved in and wondered whether there was so much due to a build up of tension.

Later I noticed the saying in the photo sitting on one of the tables and reckoned one of the waiters had heard us and thought we needed to be encouraged to, ‘keep laughing’.