‘Tis the Season for Reason
Harper Thorpe


Inspired By Harper Thorpe’s Prompt “Reason” From Kathy Jacobs’ Chalkboard One-Lined Series

Photo taken by me in Sundance, Utah

give me a reason to stay

you who like to point out our differences…

be careful my sweet, I may believe you someday

your debts

my investments

you being a loner

my amazing tribe of friends and family

my owned house

your rented one

your history of youthful walking on the wildside

my straight and narrow leadership in schools and now as an adult, non-profits.

the reason I have not fled?

you distract me from multi-tasking, make me laugh, take me to rivers, lakes and streams, drive me on your motorcycle to watch sunsets, sunrises, and fireworks

i have stopped blowdrying and flat ironing my hair

i inspire you to sleep-in once in a while, and read the newspaper

you work long hours at a job you don’t love, committed to supporting your life

you are responsible, brave, skilled, strong, tender,

you are both a good listener and a lively talker

you cook, I bake, you grill, we sing, and you fix things

you surprise me — identifying flowers, birds, berries, trees, architecture and rocks

you love my body

find delight in my soul

my analytical mind

and my scent

you say “i cannot stop gazing at your eyes, they’re magical”

you continue to give me reason after reason to welcome you into my heart

you give me so many reasons to stay

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