Grab the Closest Book to You and Open to Page 63

Write a Story from the First Sentence of the Second Paragraph

retrieved from 5/24/2014

“Sofya Petrovna cast a sidelong look at Ilyin.”- A Misfortune, written by Anton Chekhov (who would most likely roll over in his grave if he knew I were writing this.)

Sofya Petrovna cast a sidelong look at Ilyin. She found his sense of adventure stimulating.

He moved in closer. He brushed his hand against the softness of her cheek and her long brunette hair from her face. He gazed in to her crystal blue eyes. “Come on, Sofya. Don’t be so lame.”

Sofya thought for a moment. “You know I’m not lame. Okay,” she said with a flash of her smile. “Let’s do it!”

Ilyin swiftly crossed the doorway into his parent’s bedroom. It was dark. The sound of snores rumbled. He reached his hand out and felt around until he came to the solid wood dresser. He shuffled until he heard the car keys jingle. He swiped them and headed back crossing into the den where Sofya was waiting for him.

They gathered their belongings and went outside. Ilyin pushed the car to the bottom of the driveway while she steered. When they approached the street Sofya slide over to the passenger seat. Ilyin started up the engine and they drove off down the street.

“I can’t wait to be in L.A.,” Sofya burst with a squeal. She laughed with her giddy school girl laugh Ilyin loved.

When they approached the traffic light at the entrance to the interstate he leaned in and kissed her. He slide his hand up her skirt as she breathed heavily. She began to moan.

Ilyin pulled off to the side of the street, unlatched his seat belt and slide his other hand up her shirt. She grabbed him by the hair, pulling him in for a kiss. Her passion overwhelmed him.

There they were only a few miles from home. Ilyin was taking from her what she was willing to give.