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Hopes and Dreams for Our Future
Letter sent on Oct 20, 2017

Hello Chicago!

Above is a photo of Hank Green. The family and are are packing up the car and driving to Chicago for the weekend to meet Hank and his brother John at his book signing in Naperville.

I’m really excited. I would think anyone would be excited. If you aren’t familiar with who John Green is I fear the world may be coming to an end.

With that said, I will only be publishing your stories in the AM and PM. I will make it a point to logon in the morning and at night so if it seems to be hours before I publish your story that’s why. We’ll be on the road. You can follow our adventure on my Instagram and Twitter.

I apologize if I’ve taken an unusual amount of time responding to your emails and for not sending out a newsletter this week. I had a migraine most of the week and wasn’t on my game. Sometimes I have to pretend I’m human and take a break when my body suggests I need to. I will return in full force on Monday.

In closing, here’s a quick plug in:

If you’re interested, I published a story earlier today on why it’s a passion and goal of mine to expand my work and others who may feel similar titled, How We Determine Success

If you become a patron at the $19 level by November 1st I will edit your writing up to 5000 words (first 20 patrons only. Try not to plow each other over). patreon.com/erika_sauter

I also opened shop this week to sell my artwork. Please take a minute to check out my work at ARTextraordinary.

I wish you all an amazing weekend and I look forward to reading your submissions while I’m traveling.

Much love,