I am the Invisible Woman

My own real life Universal Horror Picture Show

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I have a strange little superpower. I am the Invisible Woman. It sounds like something out of The Avengers, but in reality it’s something of a mixed blessing.

I apparently do a very good job of not being noticed. This has some obvious benefits. If I want to sit in a café and quietly people-watch, I can do that easily. Then again, I’m often told I need to be more ‘visible.’

This is a little puzzling. If I look in the mirror, I can see my reflection. It’s reassuring to know least I’m not a vampire, particularly as I’m leading on a stakeholder engagement project at work. Vampires have very good reason to be nervous of people holding stakes.

In fact, I’m just as visible as everyone else.

But I’m always being told I need to promote myself, something that makes me want to hibernate under the duvet for several days until the danger has passed. Because I am truly, madly deeply embarrassingly bad at this sort of thing. Indeed, I have a horror of it.

My own private nightmare is waking up in a world that’s a combination of The Apprentice, The Weakest Link and a never-ending job interview. It’s a nightmare that’s in the process of becoming true. A world in which everyone is driven to compete with everyone else over every little thing, until we are no longer people, we’re personal brands.

The commoditisation of the self.

In the end you end up with more questions than answers. What drives this social hyper-competition? Why the need to divide everyone into winners and losers? Why is it no longer enough to just get on and live life?

The whole thing is psychologically exhausting.

But as the Invisible Woman, I have already opted out. My complete lack of self-promotion skills have seen to that. In any case, I have better things to do than competing with everyone over everything all the time. Like write my long-stalled novel.

So time to find that café, get that coffee and find inspiration in unobtrusively people-watching.

This is where being the Invisible Woman really comes into its own.

The Storyteller on the District Line — №3

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