I’m a Dinosaur

from another era . . .

I often feel like I’m a dinosaur from another era. Why would that be, I wonder? Well, it’s probably because … I am!

For instance, my computer illiteracy: When I’m told to connect a link to my profile, I haven’t a clue as to how to physically do that. I do know what a link is … and I have learned about profiles … but how in the world does a person actually connect them?

You think that’s bad: I don’t even know how to do Facebook … or text … or message … or do photos . . . or even use a Smart phone; (that type of phone is way too smart for me!)

Doctor’s Degrees from prestigious universities did not prepare us for this kind of knowledge. I guess it just prepared us to be dinosaurs in today’s world.

And what about today’s form of communication and writing?

When a legal paper requires a signature and then printed signing underneath, how do those who have not been taught cursive sign their name? . . . with printing and then another different type of printing underneath? … (so as to avoid duplication). After all, writing one’s signature normally assumes writing it in cursive. When they ceased teaching cursive, did anyone think about that?

Out of curiosity, how many of you think cursive is a foreign language? It sort of sounds like it could be, doesn’t it. Well, that’s the only kind of writing that was taught in the schools a few years ago . . . obviously for dinosaurs like myself.

Also, how did subjective and objective pronouns get reversed in sentences, both written and spoken?. . . like “Him and me are playing ball” instead of “He and I are playing ball” . . . and “Give it to I” instead of “Give it to me”. They do still use the words ‘subjective and objective pronouns, nouns, verbs’ etc. in teaching English today, don’t they? . . . or are those words also consigned only to us dinosaurs?

I’ll not belabor these discrepancies found between us dinosaurs and the world of today, but one final illustration about communication will suffice here. This is a story about getting gas in my car recently:

After inserting my credit card into its place on the pump, the little window on the pump showed the words “Zip and Enter”. I stood there perplexed for quite awhile. Was there something about my clothing that needed zipping . . . and how would a gas pump know that?! . . . And what was I to enter . . . and where? . . .

All of a sudden the light bulb came on. With this great revelation, I finally knew what to do! Why could that computer not have just used the English language in a simple, normal way by saying “Enter zip code”. I guess the computer wants us dinosaurs to still have to use our brains for figuring out what it’s saying.

Yes indeed, the world is a real challenge today . . . especially for us dinosaurs from another era . . . from a long ago, distant past . . .