Is Weight Defined by the Numbers on a Scale

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I’m five foot- four inches tall. Six months ago I weighed 110 pounds. Today I weigh 138 pounds. I know this because I recently had an appointment with my prescriber and you stand on the scale as soon as you walk through the door.

I’ve gained these “extra” pounds as a side effect of a medication I take.

“You’re still well within your BMI range,” the doctor tells me.

On paper that’s true but some days I feel chunky. There’s also days I don’t.

My husband and I are different. He believes he needs to stand on a scale daily to determine whether or not he’s overweight. I don’t share his belief. In the past year he’s brought three scales in our home. I have made certain all three scales vanished into thin air.

A scale represents numbers and numbers mean nothing.

“How will you know you’re losing weight?” he asks.

“I base it off how I feel- not by how a scale tells me I should feel.”

I am by no means dismissing health issues related to or caused by weight issues.

I exercise daily.

I alternate. One day I may go for a walk, jump on the trampoline and do yoga. The physical activity feels invigorating. Another day I may do push ups, lunges and wall squats. The physical activity pushes my limits and feel I need to crawl to an emergency room.

I meditate every day. Research shows meditation has a long list of health benefits including reducing your changes of screaming at people when you’re feeling pissed off.

I eat healthy. Though I won’t deny I eat all my feelings.

I want to lose a few pounds, who doesn’t? But those few pounds won’t be determined by a scale. They’ll be determined by my lifestyle and how good I feel. Since the weight gain is beyond my control my focus for now is to not gain anymore weight, then I can shift my focus to losing weight. I will do all of this without a scale.