Jerry the Gorilla

You hear that a group of gorillas have called a congress in your local zoo. I jokingly wrote the zoo about political issues, I just wanted to make a point about equality for animals and humans. Then, four days later, I received a letter from “Jerry the Gorilla”, he wrote:

Dear Daniël,

I am pleased to read that humans have now finally noticed our suffering. Our world would be so much better if every human shared your point of view. Our Gorilla support group is holding its tenth meeting this weekend, it is an amazing coincidence that you should write at such a glorious moment. We are sick of humans thinking we only eat banana`s, we are sophisticated just like your race. In fact, I might argue that there are no races, we are all the same. I know that there have been some outbreaks, but we are not all the same. Also, who could blame us, these zoos are not very generous. We are lucky to be able to write to outside sources, for some reason humans do not want their people to know that we can speak human as well. Perhaps you can spread the word?

I would love to meet you some time, are you available this Saturday?

Best regards,

Jerry the Gorilla.

My mind spun, why is this gorilla called Jerry? Is that not a human name? I immediately assumed there had to be a reason for this. Either humans were writing these in the name of Jerry, or the zoo is training these gorilla`s to become actual humans. I must help them, just like dolphins have been helped in the past. I immediately left my basin, entered my water filled car and drove of to the zoo. On the way I could only wonder how long it would take society to make cars for the gorilla`s.