Let’s be Lazy

A Workaholic’s Guide to the Greener Grass on the Other Side of the Fence

Photo Credit: Amberleigh Storms

The United States has a intriguing work ethic. You either don’t have one or you’re a workaholic. As with everything else American, we lack middle ground.

Which side of the fence has the greener grass as in what’s more physically and emotional healthy? Using no statistics or scientific evidence whatsoever I’m going to use my uneducated opinion to debate which is better for us.

Lazy is cool. I can totally go for lazy. I could spend all afternoon lying in the hammock, warm and cozy in the sun and reading a book. Conveniently I can call it “working” because writing requires a great deal of reading. But eventually the stagnant would kill me.

Now, my life goal of truly being lazy would be binge watching Netflix, smoking bong hits and eating brownies. Non of those would make me money tho and then everything would go to shit. I couldn’t afford to eat, or have electricity, or take eight cats to the vet.

There are times, most of the time actually, where I work all day and then all night. I claim I’m going to go into my office and write for a few hours and then take a break but hours turn into an entire day and then I have to remind myself, “STOP! STOP! STOP!” This type of work ethic can be quite stressful.

In theory, I thought this topic would be good but it turns out I have no idea what I’m talking about. I thought I could pull it of but I’m going to give up now.

This might suck= This definitely sucks

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This story was inspired by Gail Boenning’s This Might Suck ten day challenge.