Love and Love: A Spoonful of Wisdom, A Daoist Fancy

The one who promises greatly will fulfil but little.

The one who loves without reservation may yet flee without a word.

The one who thinks love is made in heaven shall cast himself and another into a hell of recrimination and regrets.

The one whose love is pristine is the most imperfect love of all.

The one who honors himself for the sake of another shall honor neither himself nor another.

The one who abhors himself without regard to another shall soon find that when he ceases to abhor himself, another shall not be there to regard him.

The one who loved another to the bitter end of love shall find that all along, she was truly the manly husband.

And he the cowardly prostitute.

The one who laments as a betrayer, and the one who laments as a betrayed, are not of equal standing in the Jade Court of the Supreme Principles.

The Dao of a corrupt and self-corrupting castrated courtier is not that of the immortal spirits, whose love and virtue shall shine ever more in the Kosmos of resplendent goodness.

The one condemning lies does not cease to be a liar.

And yet, such truths are true.


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