Moral: Don’t stop trying - keep helping

Everyone’s day is brighter with a little help.

My part time job, we’re talking extremely part-time job, as a merchandiser is a life-saver. Without it, I’d rarely leave the house. I’m terribly introverted and am quite content behind my computer writing, writing, writing. I do stop to read and write by hand…preferably with a fountain pen because it’s a joy I can’t explain. Back on track, for this story, this job gets me out and forces me to interact with others.

Yesterday, as I plucked sun-faded and chewed up cards (please people, greeting cards are not teething rings) from a rack, a pair of elderly, teeny, tiny women buzzed into the mailing store. They carried bags of items they needed boxed up and shipped off to family.

The car they kept returning to was not in a parking spot. Whoever drove it first had pulled up behind the lines that marked off perpendicular parking and that’s where the vehicle stayed until they had a discussion among themselves, hands flailing, that the car had to be parked. One lady went out and began the process.

She reversed the car, but had a difficult time finding the lines she needed to get between. She attempted a few more times, reversing and lurching forward. After getting the nose of the car semi-pointed in the spot, the other lady took over.

The spot that was chosen was directly outside the window where I was servicing the greeting cards. The lady lurched the vehicle forward and hit the curb. The cards were forgotten, I took up position in a little nook that seemed out of the path should the vehicle launch through the entrance. For another three to five minutes this lady tried desperately to get that car parked perpendicular. Numerous times I thought, “Maybe I should offer to help.” But I didn’t and the car eventually was between the lines, although just barely and at a weird angle.

When they had finished their shipping business, the one lady running the store offered to back their car out for them. She offered this despite a line of customers. No customer complained, they all understood her help would be much better for the other vehicles in the lot and the well-being of the two ladies.

When the shipping gal returned she assured us, the ladies could drive, it was parking that tripped them up. The elderly ladies were quite nice. They were also twins. This was both cute and horrifying. I have twins… they’re boys. They can parallel park very well, but perpendicular (which everyone else in the world seems to grasp) isn’t their best parking. It’s not bad, but it’s just, eh.

The shipping gal’s assistance reminded me it’s okay to ask. You see, I come across situations where I’m not sure if my help will be needed. Sometimes I go to help and get snarled at. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not helping for a gold star. And even though a “thank you” is appreciated, I don’t even need that. But there have been times I’ve been rudely rebuked. And those times have made me wait too long to offer assistance.

I don’t want to be that way. So, I’m counting my blessings that the shipping gal reminded me to just ask, the worst that can happen is a snarl or a rude comment. The best that can happen is that I make someone’s day a bit easier.