My Beliefs About Marriage

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When I met my husband it was love at first sight- for him. I don’t remember the first time I met him. I do however, remember our courtship and the moment I realized I’d fallen in love with him.

He and I are on complete opposite sides of the personality spectrum. There are only three things we agree on.

We both dislike almonds

We can agree to disagree

Our values and beliefs on marriage

We both have old fashion beliefs. When we began dating we dated for a year before we got serious. Dated- as in we went on actual dates once or twice a week. Around the year mark we began seeing each other on a semi daily basis, then daily and after almost three years we were married.

We both take marriage seriously. Neither of us believe in divorce. We wouldn’t have married one another unless we were absolutely certain we wanted to be with the other until the day we die. We trust there isn’t much we can’t work through. Time has proven that.

I knew he was the one because after several years we were skilled at agreeing to disagree, and the more we disagreed the more we began to learn from each other.

We still spoon when we go to bed at night. Well, he spoons me. I’m a bit less clingy.

There a some instances I find unforgivable such as cheating, smoking crack, meth, heroin (etc) and physical, emotional, verbal abuse. I’m dedicated to honesty, understanding, compassion and teamwork.

My beliefs about marriage are that I honor my commitment, remain open minded and accepting, allow myself to flex and grow, work through the tough times equally as much as enjoying the good times. I hope for the same in return.

Til death do we part.