My life summed up by a pair of shoes

These are not the shoes / a model pair was used for the photo / gjphotos

I have been walking around in a pair of shoes that cut into my heels. I bought them in September and 3 months later I am wondering whether I should return to the shop.

I have worn them for a few days hoping I would break them in. It seems they have broken me in more than I have them. If you have had this experience you will know this means bloody heels! So much bloody heels that there are blood stains on the heel of one shoe.

This tells you that I am prepared to put up with something rather than return to the store in the belief that it is going to get better. At what point do I decide it is not getting better and I should return?

I was in town sorting out some banking so I decided to walk across to the store.

I checked a pair that was on display and they had a soft heel backing mine I concluded were a manufacturing fault. The first assistant was sympathetic though his mind was elsewhere. Somewhere between getting me a replacement pair, he replaced himself with another assistant. When I pointed out to the replacement that there was only one shoe in the box he seemed flummoxed.

“Ok, sir we will charge you to order a new pair and then give you a refund when you return,”

“There must be more options than that?” I asked.

“Sorry sir no there isn’t.”

“There is isn’t because we are not opening our minds to other possibilities.”

He remained resolute.

“Ok let’s see what the manager can do.”

The manager appears.

I speak as I take off my shoe to reveal a cut up heel and wobble while I do it.

The manager understands asks for no money and gives me a £15 refund for the cut up heels. I calculate that to be a £1 for every time I wore them. He tells me an email will inform me when the replacement pair will be available for collection.

The real problem is all this was not about the shoes but the communication. Probably the reason I put up with before deciding to take action.