Paying Attention

Elmo is evil, but hugh jackman makes up for it.

Easier said than done.

Do you have problems focusing on one thing at a time?

I do, and I bet you do as well.

I never really noticed this as a problem, I just thought I was a great multi-tasker.

I recently discovered that if I don’t finish a book in one setting, I won’t finish it for weeks, I just forget about it. I didn’t stop enjoying the book, I just lost my focus.

I can start cleaning the kitchen, and remember 10 other things I need to do and start them, a few hours later I come back to my half clean kitchen waiting for me to finish.

It’s truly a miracle that I can write anything.

I was trying to think of examples that you, my reader, would relate to when I thought of the universal example. Film and tv shows.

It takes a very good movie or show to grab my full attention these days.

Sure, I watch a few dozen things a week, but most of the time I have my phone in my hand reading something, or looking up something else. Sometimes Ill even be reading a book and watching a movie at the same time.

Again, focus is a real problem.

I have a few select shows that I can put everything down and watch closely.


Doctor Who.

I really enjoy this show, It’s full of layers and compelling characters. 
It is easy for me to focus on because you really can’t miss a second, you do and you’ve lost the story.


This is a relatively new show, only just finishing season two. 
It took me a little bit to be able to focus on it, but really, who can turn down the idea of the devil solving crimes in LA?


This one is easy. Everyone and their mother loves this show.

The West Wing.

I have watched this show from beginning to end at least four times.

I don’t care that I know how each episode will end, I love this show.
I can drop everything and relax watching this.

Maybe because it’s less dramatic that our current west wing.


If you don’t like MASH, we don’t have anything to talk about.

Eleven seasons of brilliance.

Now, those are the shows that I can focus on, with no distractions.

Movies are a bit harder.

Westerns are my genre, but Ill watch just about anything.


Easily one of the greatest movies of all time.

Now, finally we get to one actor that I could watch read the classifieds.

John Wayne.

The Duke was the best ever.

I loved every movie he was in. …

Ok we don't talk about barbarian and the geisha.

Peter Calpadi is a very close second.

I don’t know why I can concentrate on some things and not others.

I use film and tv because its easy to explain, but it’s in all aspects of my life.

Just the other day, I couldn’t remember how I drove from a certain place to another. A trip of roughly 12 miles with plenty of stop lights and turns.

Focus seems to be a thing to work towards, not just a thing you are given.

I never gave it a second thought when I was young and had a dozen things going at once.

Now I am getting older, not that old, but I notice some things that were easy before are now something I need to pay attention to.

Then again, I could be wrong.