Pulling the plug on my Snow globe

The chair is for you!

My life has changed since I found Medium, not all of it though some of it. The biggest feature of Medium is that it is interactive so you know you are not alone. It works a bit like life, ‘What you put into it, you get out of it’. Three particular members act like guides in this ‘new world’ one of whom is Erika Sauter. She has just recent set up a publication Hope and Dreams for Our Future and has invited people to write.

She writes,

“ Stories are what makes us human, real, vulnerable and passionate.”

That is why I write because I feel more authentic in writing than in speaking as she says, ‘it makes me more vulnerable’.

She also writes,

“If it’s a story you want and need to tell then tell it.”

Again I write because I am hoping it touches someone out there and in touching them they touch me!

I now write daily, challenging life itself to deliver a unique story each day to my world. If life was to be lived for only one day why would we be given more? With each day we are given there is a new story to be told.

So here’s today’s story!

I woke up to a situation which was a good experiment for Eckhart Tolle’s, ‘The Power of Now’. I say good experiment though life and its situations are the experiments particularly when we are challenged and personally when I am challenged emotionally.

In my half dazed state Dee informs me that she is off to her mum’s and could I take Ciara to the Chemistry tutor. First thing in the morning is when I am at my most vulnerable and I am not liking the idea of driving to Uxbridge ( it is 16 miles away). My mind works that way, it gets blocks about things and driving to Uxbridge for a tutor is one of them. The last time I went I had to park outside someone’s house for an hour and that felt uncomfortable.

My mind likes routines and on Sundays mornings I go to the Quakers. It does not like the idea of missing ‘The Quakers’ because of having to drive to Uxbridge.

I attempt to counter the emotional snow storm by trying to be, ‘the observer’ of my emotions. As I am observing I begin to get ready for the day. The tutor is rearranged for later in the afternoon which means I will get to, ‘the Quakers’ but now my afternoon has been penetrated by, ‘driving to Uxbridge’.

Ciara as she awakes and I inform her of the change begins to protest, she doesn’t want her afternoon broken by, ‘driving to Uxbridge for the tutor’.

From the shower, I hear Dee in conversation with her mum and I sense she isn’t going. Making my way from the shower to the bedroom she informs me that she isn’t going to her mum’s, now.

I hear Tolle’s voice, “ I told you so! No point giving life to upset emotions as the thing that you give yourself to worry about may never happen.”

It is yet another reminder of how easily my internal emotional snow globe is shaken by another’s idea. I got to get more with the observer and maybe even let him pull the Snow globe’s plug.


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