which covers everything


Dear Quilt, I am not going to write you a letter,
But kind of an Ode, not the perfect one,
an imperfect one like you hold up my imperfections,
It’s been long and you deserve a shout out…

For all the times you have snuggled me in when I cry,
all the times you absorbed my silent tears,
all the times you kept me safe in your arms like my mother,
warm, wanted, accepted, loved, taken care of,
It’s been long and you deserve a shout out…

And on some nights when the overthinking plays a demon,
How you tug me into dreams of no relevance,
just to distract my mind so that it doesn’t feel alone,
you keep me away from reality for a while so that,
I feel rejuvenated,
A little confused,
I feel lost but in a good way,
A little over the top,
To find out other meanings of life,
Which don’t hold importance,
But now I know why you did that every single time,
You care. You heard my inner voice. You loved me.

How could you be a non-living being like the world calls,
who takes care of so many just by being there?

Closer to the soul than the skin,
Warmer in winter, colder in summer and just numb in Spring,
Just how? Tell me someday, please. I love you.

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