Raw Emotion vs Spirituality

. . . I’m going to tell it like it is!

This is my second submission for the day, and so I’m going to apologize for that right up front — (I tend to do this when I get on a roll about something important to me.)

I just finished writing and submitting a poem about “A Broken Heart” (… about that I’ve never had one). I then read a blog from one of Medium’s most popular writers in which he challenged all Medium writers to write a spiritual message they might have to share.

Well, that’s what got me going! You see, I can write only about what I have actually experienced or authentically perceived in my life. In my poem on “A Broken Heart” I tried sharing (rather poorly, I think) that very fact. I say “rather poorly” because raw emotion has never really been a part of my life.

You see, I feel blessed to be here on this Earth school planet, experiencing in manifested human form as a spark of the divinity from our Divine Creator. In my perception, my experiences are neither really good nor bad — because what one would consider as a ‘bad’ experience (of which I have had many) actually turns out to be a lesson to be learned . . . thanks to Karma, of course.

The end result is: that to be an authentic writer, I must write only what I know from my life experiences and be who I really am. That means that my writings are — and always have been … and always will be — from a totally spiritual philosophic nature. These writings may not draw many readers, applause, nor rave reviews . . . but that is what I am on this planet to share with you.

Thank you for letting me share from the reality of my heart!

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