Really Bad Choices

365 Writing Prompt

Retrieved from Odyssey Online

Writing Prompt: Write about something you’ve recently researched and your findings.

When we moved to Iowa part of the reason was to be closer to my husband’s family, all 32 of them. It’s not an exaggeration. I’ve counted.

My husband and I decided, after I randomly suggested it, that we invite his family over for a dinner party. This would require a lot of food, and beer. Everyone is always fascinated with my garden. “How did you grow so much produce” they’ll ask.

“I put seeds in dirt,” I’ll respond.

Since we currently have an abundance of absurdly large zucchini I thought, wouldn’t it be swell if I made a zucchini dish for our dinner party? Considering my extreme lack of cooking skill and my dismal creativity in the kitchen, I researched zucchini recipes.

I went with a stuffed zucchini dish.

The picture presented a yummy portrait and the instructions were super simple. We already had all the ingredients, making it even more of a score.

The morning of the the dinner party my husband and I got down to business in the kitchen. He cut the zucchini and scooped out the seeds while I prepped the stuffing ingredients. When we were ready we put it all together.


“Eww, gross.”

It didn’t look so good. It definitely didn’t look like it did in the picture.

“Maybe it will look better once it’s cooked,” he said.

“I hope so or there’s no way I’m eating that,” I responded.

We wrapped it in foil and he went out back to toss it on the smoker. It slowly roasted over the slow burning wood for a few hours.

Shortly after everyone arrived it was time to sit down for dinner. The stuffed zucchini tasted as gross as it looked. Several of his family members complimented us regardless. We’ll never eat that recipe again.

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