Riding the Overthinking Wave

Surf’s up dude — — — — — Pic credit — Pixabay

As I write, I am riding a wave of overthinking and uncertainty so big it should feature in a surfing competition. Add a little anxiety to the waters and I am sure this would be a ‘Once in Thousand Years’ type wave. It would most certainly have ‘Big’ in front of it’s title. Surfers from all over the world would be lining up to ride it, and brag that they conquered it. I am yet to earn bragging rights.

In a nut shell, my little comfortable bubble has been popped and I am unsure what to do. Without going into too much detail to bore you all to sleep, an opportunity has arisen and I am at a loss what to do. I have not dealt with this type of opportunity before. Do I throw caution to the wind and take it? Or do I retreat to my comfort zone, only to regret my decision later? I just need to know what I am meant to do and go from there. I just have to get there first.

I have been feeling sick with anxiety for the last week. I have been imagining worst case scenario’s (and then some) as my ‘fight or flight’ mode well and truly kicks in. I have my back up plans in place in case it all goes to hell in a handbag. I am driving my husband bat shit crazy with my worries. Well, he is visiting ‘bat shit crazy’ as a guest of mine as it is a place I frequent quite often. I’m nearly a gold member. I am overthinking this situation to the point that I may in fact be self sabotaging this opportunity. But my wave does not care — it needs it’s comfort zone and it needs it now.

Without sounding like a cliche canvas print, I need to think in the terms of ‘Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back’. I totally get it. We need to experience fear, change and uncertainty in order to progress and move forward in our lives. To get to where we need or want to be. We can only change if we embrace it. Otherwise we would never change jobs or move houses for starters. Change is in every aspect of our lives. How we all deal with it is a another story.

This opportunity could be the best thing that happens to me…or it could be my worst nightmare. I just need to push past my overthinking and worry and just get on with it. I know. But how? How does one push past this mind fuck that is overthinking and just have faith in the old saying ‘If it’s meant to be, it will be?’

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