Robe Project — 13

This has had to be rewritten about 12 times, unsure, insecure, alone

But all of my friends are divorcing
Each other, their friends, and their pets
The weddings were weird not entrancing
Maybe romance is dead

The music is loud
it moves the floor

dancing alone?, pathetic
I should’ve stayed home alone

She arrives looks like her photo
Surveys the crowd,
through, past, and over me
I’m dressed as I said
She saw, didn’t like,
I should’ve stayed home ‘inbed’

Highlights and cornrows
LEDs in her nails
that flash as she dances
She’s not dancing with me
Trousers flare, accentuate
her hips, green painted eyes, and lips
Refuses to see me, I waved
A date blind, depressed unsaved.

There are magazine listings, blind dates
Read closely notice the rates
of success is distressing

The night is early
It’s always raining
Hail a cab none stop
Walk home the rhythms
Still rattling bones
Back home, alone.