Robe Project #35

There are a number of cultures where a ‘robe’ has specific significances this is #35 of a set of poems(?) that may be set to music, dance, or ……

The gown I wear drifts, motes in the air
the snowbells the featherleafs
swarm bees sewn lightly
all but my small face is adorned in
ways I am told I do not need to understand
How can that be?,
 <<it is not so>>

The gown I wear is my prison
The train flows behind me
 one false step, he
 will stand upon the end
 both then motionless

The jewels of the hood stiffen my neck
I only look forward

One hundred silver bangles, bracelets
weigh heavily
I cannot reach for help

Each step forward
 <as a beauty>
If I make it to the end
 <a bride>
The chrysalis will crack
 and I will run free.