Robe Project — 56

Poor Joe, always in the background

Nearly forgotten, striped cap, peasant robe

Sandals of rough wood. Standing behind

The Magi, not even really in the stable.

How did the neighbors treat him?

Obviously a cuckold, though “what a saint.”

Father to a child whose father’s unseen

Unknowable not here

Did he really believe or was

he so in love with her — no matter?

Hard to know and did he die in a work

related accident, no L&I back then.

But no respect for the craftsmen

and of course there were jokes about his ‘wood’

Until James came along.

Does James know who his father is?

The story had to confuse a young boy.

Must have idolized his older brother,

Or was ‘J’ younger?

Do we really know? Joe didn’t tell.

Took centuries to make him a saint too.

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