Role Models

I can admit when I was wrong.

A few days ago, I wrote, in part, about how people with fame are not the role models that they used to be.

I think I was focused on the story I was writing and didn’t stop to fully think that out.

Today is a new day and I want to correct my mistake.

Below is a list of a few people with different levels of fame that have used their status to help others.

Sir Patrick Stewart

You may know him from any his different roles that shot him to fame. Captain Picard, professor xavier, John Thorton, Captain Ahab, Scrooge, his brilliant shakespeare, or any of his countless other roles. The man is ageless and famous.

He doesn't hold back on his personal opinion, just check out his twitter.

Just recently he opened his home to become a shelter for rescue dogs, a pitbull currently. To see a person who doesn’t have to, become something better is inspiring.

He could easily just hide out in a private island the size of Australia and live out his dreams. Nope, he spends his days helping out so many charities.

Also, this is a video that is worth a watch.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson rose to fame in the Harry Potter movie franchise, and has done rather well for herself since. She has starred in several minor and major movies on and off in the past few years, while at the same time working for equality for the genders.

She is currently attached to the United Nations as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Here is a list of her active charities and foundations.

John Green

John Green, author of the super popular ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, ‘Paper Towns’, ‘Looking for Alaska’, ‘An Abundance of Katherines’, ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’, and the upcoming ‘Turtles All the Way Down’. Signed copies Available here —

He is also a Youtube star, along with his brother Hank, and frequent cameos from his kids.

Two of his books have been made into hit movies, the guy is insanely popular. Just yell his name or the phrase ‘DFTBA’ in any school, mall, or large group, and you'll have mania.

He gives back all the time, more than most know. I am a bit biased here, I have met John and I know a bit of his story, so I understand how hard being a public person is for him.

That doesn’t stop him.

Check these out, most don’t name him specifically, but he started or had a huge influence in all.

This Star Won’t go out

The Project for Awesome

Water for Ethiopia

Addition info for the John Green/Bill Gates Work.

Fight World Suck

Mick Foley

Unless you watch or watched professional wrestling, I doubt you know who Mick Foley is.

Mick would be the guy in white being thrown on the announcers table in the gif above.

Bumps like that made him famous. He wasn’t the Hulk Hogan type, didn’t have a body like Arnold, but he became a household name.

After a career of being beat up and tossed around, Mick became a best selling author. Multiple times over. He is still writing children's books as of today.

He uses these books to help fund his ventures in helping the public.

RAINN — He sits on the national leadership counsel.

Each year he holds an auction to watch Wrestlemania in person with him, All proceeds go to charity

Each winter, he dyes his beard and hair snow white. He goes to Santa Claus Indiana to start the winter as Santa, then travels the country visiting hospitals and anywhere that requests him all for free. He stops anywhere he can doing stand up comedy or autograph signings, taking donations for toys or gas money. He will always stop in at a children's hospital unannounced with carload of toys, in full santa gear.

Santa F0ley

These are just the highlights of a few people who use their present or past fame for a good cause.

When I was looking for a few more, trying to spark my mind, google kept trying to give me Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Justin Bieber.


These three may donate to some charity or do some community service, but that's probably court mandated.

Role models are people who act good on and off camera, they don't care what you think of them when no one is looking, and they don’t call a press conference when they are about to do something.

If you have some suggestions, or think I am wrong in my choices, I would love to hear your input.