365 word or photo prompt for Hopes and Dreams For Our Future

Taken by Moi


Our stories

We walk in them

through them

we create them

we weave them into each other

overlapping our shapes

Exploring one shape and then another

leaving our footprint behind

Our shapes don’t always fit a in perfect layout or rest easy beside each other

Angles may not align

This is life

This blessed juxtaposition — -

makes our shapes

our stories

our experiences

our manifestations

our relationships

beautiful, in the messiest of ways

Look around, with awareness, our shapes are everywhere… you can see them if you look closely, if you listen closely

This week — -

adventures abundant

presence plentiful

lessons offered

inspiration taken

laughs generated

discoveries initiated

the moon big

the feels intense

simplicity wins

slime rules

Blocks of shapes holding space for love; universe giving affirmations
steps are taken through the door
memories carried in their pockets
I watch on- my heart skipping a beat in gratitude, so much.

These are the moments that shape me ❤️