image by Ivana Knezevic


You have to understand

She is not your regular breed

She does not fit

In any of your pigeonholes

and none of your moulds.

I have named her


For she is like those

Wonders of nature

You read about

In National Geographic

When Mother Earth rises

In all her rage and glory.

She is a volcano

spouting red hot lava

Leaving nothing

But a cloud of black ash

in her wake

She is an avalanche

Unstoppable when she surges

Freezing everything in her path

Petrified solid

And void of life

She is an earthquake

She will rock

and shake you

Until there is nothing

But shambles and dust.

She does not negotiate

She does not compromise

She makes no deals.

With her it is all

or nothing

She is a force of nature

She is Mariahquake

She’ll give you

the air you breathe

or crush you into dust

She is fierce

Righteous and extreme.

But if you dare

And if you care

Look her in the eye

You will see

She is just

One young girl,

Almost a child

Craddling her own



Heart .

(Dedicated to Mariah Adams)