Smothered in a Box

. . . in a box of my own making

How did I get into this box?
. . . and how can I get out of it?

I thought it was a wonderful box!
I thought it contained within it 
everything that I loved dearly.

I entered it with great joy and gratitude.
I put into it my most precious treasures.
I filled it with the best of all that I had.

But now it has turned against me . . .
it has turned ugly . . .
it is smothering me!

What happened?! . . . I do not know.
It just simply is no longer the same
wonderful box I had known before.

People change . . . 
boxes change . . .
maybe I’ve changed.

Whatever the reason . . .
whatever the reality
at this present moment . . .

I only know that I must
get out of this box

or else I shall be . . .
smothered to death!

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