Sometimes, it’s better to shut up.

You don’t need to say everything you think.

It’s rare I post twice a day, i’ll probably never do it again, but I have been up for a very long time because of a voicemail and I need to write.

This morning, around 3 am, my phone told me I had a voicemail.

This is nothing new, I get very poor reception in my home so I get voicemails without my phone ever ringing.

I was up anyway, If you read any of my previous writing you know I don’t sleep well.

It was a very long message from a family member that I rarely talk to. 
Today they decided to tell me how much I was messing up and wasting my life. I wasn’t doing anything productive, so I should enroll in Ivy Tech Community College first thing monday and get some sort of degree. This would be the instant fix to my life.

Now, let me explain a few brief details. This person was in college for over 30 years, earned 4 degrees and never used them.

I have been trying to go back to school for over 2 years, it’s a whole lot harder than ‘just enrolling’.

I have several obstacles that I don’t speak of to anyone who doesn’t need to know.

I am actively looking for job number two. I apply to at least 10 places a week.

Why does this voicemail bother me?

I don’t really know. I wish I did. Maybe because that’s all I ever hear. I am not good enough, I don’t qualify, I am not worth the time.

Now, I am trying to not make this all about me.

If you have something to say about someone, if it is positive say it, if it constructive criticism say it with tact, but if it's just negative keep it to your damn self.

Why do we have a need to say negative things to people? To knock them down and make us look better?

All it does and make them feel like crap and make us look like jerks.

We all have opinions, we just all don’t have manners.