Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

“What’s up Nico? Are you ok?”

NC: “Sorry if I texted SOS. Well, I should have listened to you, Nikita…”

NK: “What Happened?”

NC: “We are not together anymore, Nikita…”

NK: “I told you not to get attached. You always make the same mistake; You find a girl you like, you jump all in way too soon then love kicks you in the nuts. Get your head out of your ass, Gosh, Nico!”

NC: “Isn’t love about finding that someone who bring up the best of you, who challenge you on every level; emotionally, spiritually, intellectually? Isn’t love about caring for someone irrationally and wanting them to be happy even at your own cost. I mean to fully love someone, you need to set your ego aside and all the crap people runt about.”

NK: “Oh, here we go again. Why can’t you just admit that your ideals don’t work because mama life is a bitch. No matter how much we think we are in control, life is always one step ahead of us… Love is not enough to survive a relationship, period.”

NC: “ Are we having that argument again? Oh my god you are unbelievable! Remember when we used to go through Pablo Neruda’s love poems on Sunday nights? Or that one time, I surprised you with a night out under the moon…”

NK: “Or the day, I invaded our living room with my red dress… And we ended up making out on the couch lol”

NC: “Hahaha! Don’t blame me! You had a matching red lipstick and girl you know that’s my cryptonite! ”

NK: “I wanted to feel beautiful one last time asshole, is that much to ask?”

NC: “You have always been beautiful, even during the nights we spent together in the hospital. No especially then! Do you remember the cosplay costumes?”

NK: “Don’t just get me started Nico. You didn’t even bring my favorite wig… and you know I need that for stage 3…”

NC: “Going through your closet gave me a hard time. Why don’t you keep your dress code minimalist? Do you know that Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt every single day?”

NK: “Seriously Nico? Again with the Mark Zuckerberg bullshit. You are not the guy who I fell in love with the day I joined the book circle anymore. This obsession of yours with Success is insane. Your life is centered around work. You work during the weekends. You work during vacations. You worked when I was sick…”

NC: “It feels like yesterday… I know it’s late but I am sorry… I was afraid. I thought I was not good enough for you. I was falling in love with you and I had to stay back. That’s me! I am good at sabotaging my own happiness. Nikita, I will always be there for you… I love you!”

NK: “Because you don’t know what you have got until it’s gone… Why didn’t you tell me this when I was alive, Nico… Nothing sexier than having an imaginary conversation with your dead ex, huh?”