Tears or fear

A day of tears. So many tears for those lost, those losing. Those who loved those who lose love, lost the love for themselves.

Tears for those too angry to cry who have forgotten how, tears for those who fear tears.

To feel the loss to let the emotion empathy the risk of being human allowing fear but not letting fear control. Tears for them who let fear override the other feelings — especially love, touch, kindness.

Some soften when amidst that which is misunderstood. The softness is of the kind like water, allow the blow to pass by.

Some thicken, withdraw in a shell snail like and slow to emerge slow to understand the what of what and all filtered as though their shell is shaken by each new word.

To peek out inside fear a chambered Nautilus echo reverberations, echo what fear occurs is fear made by the inhabitant.

Weep until they emerge, if they emerge if they have not been deafened by the echoes of their fear.

Perhaps we can pray for tears. Perhaps…they can see and someday feel something other than fear.

I have fixed a number of typos, I hope that has improved the intent.

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