Ten of the Worst Things Ever and Why

365 Writing Prompt

Retrieved from Creative Commons 6/23/2017

Due to my natural bad attitude I feel confident I’ll ace this writing prompt.

Ready? Set? Go! In no particular order…

The Islamic State because they’re shit.

Nice people because I’m introverted and dislike all people.

The sound of happy children. Okay, so what’s up with that? Why don’t their parents tell them to stop laughing and having fun? It’s like nails down a chalkboard.

Substance abuse because it touches a personal sore spot for me and tweaks my nerves. Wanna see you’re entire life go to crap? Get high. Want to hurt everyone that loves you? Get high. Want to destroy everything in your path? Get high.

Bad hair days, and I could see how someone might wonder, how is a bad hair day one of the worst things ever? It has nothing to do with the hair, actually. More so the judgement others will pass as if your character is based on how your hair looks.

Exes. Ex- boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-friends. They all suck. At first you feel crushed but time passes, you look back and wonder, what was I thinking?

Narcissistic sociopaths, sexual predators, racists, ignorant pigs and Donald Trump. I feel those all fit geometrically correct under one category.

Diet soda, diet candy, diet brownies, diet food in general. If you feel you need to consume diet anything than you probably shouldn’t be consuming it.

The fact that you can’t have your own opinion anymore without offending someone about something. Seriously, when did it become socially acceptable to stop respecting one another’s opinions?

Insulting people like myself who could continue on with this list but the writing prompt is only for ten of the worst things ever and five minutes is up.