Ten things school should have taught us.

I still haven't used that dang algebra they pounded into me.

When we were in school, they told us that the information they were cramming into our heads was vital for being a functioning adult.

I honestly think I could have skipped most of my education and been just fine.

So, I give you a small list of the things we actually use that they never taught us.

  1. Modern taxes, how to pay them and why it’s not complicated. 
    We were taught all about how the taxes worked in the revolutionary war, and basically every civilization before that, but not about current taxes. I bet 99% of graduates don’t even know why they are taxed or what their taxes go toward. 
    With the modern technology and everything being digital now, it's rather simple to figure your taxes if you are an everyday working person.
  2. How to dress and act for an interview. 
    I have been on hundreds of interviews since I entered the workforce well over 15 years ago. The job market sucks, to be very blunt. I have seen many people show up to interviews in their pajamas, unkempt hair, and it's very obvious that they haven’t bathed in days. I have only been on a few group interviews ( those are horrible by the way), but I notice people using swear words, talking about things that no one needs to know about, and just rambling. It’s just rare to see people dress and act professionally anymore.
  3. Basic home and auto maintenance. 
    This one should be just a given, you should not have to call a tow truck for a flat tire or take your car to the shop to change a windshield wiper. In the same manner, you shouldn’t have to hire someone to clean your gutters, fix a clogged drain, or basic home repair. These are things that you should be taught.
  4. Money Management. 
    This is a personal pet peeve. How many people do you see today that are in debt way beyond their means? I knew a couple a few years ago, they had just gotten married, owned a very old and broken car, rented a small home, but were over sixty thousand dollars in debt already. None of that was medical. Too many people see plastic as a key to freedom. They can buy the world, or worse they spend their paycheck the instant it hits the bank. No one saves anymore. No one was taught to save. Also, making and sticking to a budget should be a big deal.
  5. Mental Health.
    I know this is a new concept for most of the world, but it’s a big deal. It should be a mandatory class, for both dealing with your own health and the health of others.
  6. First Aid.
    I know this sort of goes along with number 5, but I kinda think it should be separate. Everyone should be taught basic first aid and cpr.
  7. The Law
    I’m not talking about giving every student a law degree, but for pete's sake, inform the kids about their rights and the laws of the places they live. It’s so much easier to teach them than it is to explain it to them after they have broken it.
  8. Manners.
    This one just flat out doesn’t exist anymore. I don’t even know if there would be anyone to teach it. But, we need to be taught it because we use it whether we like it or not. We all need to show some respect when dealing with employers, officials, doctors, basically everyone.
  9. Cooking.
    Can you name 5 people you know that can cook something edible? ( your parents don’t count) It’s not difficult, but I have read so many posts lately of people complaining about how hard cooking is.
  10. How to survive without technology.
    I know, I know, this one is hard. Teaching kids how to do simple things without the use of their phones, tablets, or any electricity would do so much good. I know this isn’t something we use everyday, but think about it, kids today have a mental breakdown when their phones seize up. If we taught them how to enjoy nature, build a fire without tools,make camp, or even learn the stars, they could have a new hobby.

So these are my ideas, I am open to what you think should have been taught in your school.