The Calmness in Color

365 Writing Prompt

Photo Credit: Me

Writing Prompt: What do you find to be calming?

There’s a lily pond that stretches miles alongside Route Six on the way to the Amana Colonies. I’d driven passed it several times until one day I decided to stop.

I parked in the dusty pull off. When I stepped down from my truck I saw dead frogs covering the ground. They were stiff and dehydrated. What an unfortunate ending for them. I wondered why they died so close to the pond or why they were unable to make it back to the water.

I walked over to the pond and stood there gazing out into the great wide open. The lilies went on forever and the sky that day was such a vibrant blue. I closed my eyes and imagined I could reach the sunlight.

There I was, alone. Nothing else existed other then myself and this divine view that had been bestowed upon me. A part of me wished I had someone to share it with but there was a reason I’d found my way there alone. I’m certain of it.

I snapped this photo as a reminder of a moment in my life when I wasn’t a mother, wife, daughter, sister or friend. I had no obligations, no expectations, no weight to carry. I was myself, only myself.

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