The “Chuck it” List of Things I’ll Never Do

365 Writing Prompt

Retrieved from Creative Commons

My chuck it list consisting of the things I’ll never do before I die.

I’ll never see the Great Wall of China.

I’ll never vacation in North Korea or Saudi Arabia.

I’ll never attend a Running of the Bulls.

I’ll never perform the sexual act of taking it up the butt.

I’ll never eat caviar, cow tongue, shit and piss.

Chances are most likely I’ll never take a dog sled as a form of transportation.

I can say for certain I’ll never clean behind my oven because it’s a wall oven.

I’ll never be an astronaut or sheep herdsman.

I’ll never drive to Hawaii.

I’ll never own a custom built mansion.

I’ll never enter a Strong Man competition.

I’ll never overcome my phobia of nice people.