The Meaningfulness of Dreams

Beth Stormont
Dec 2, 2019 · 2 min read

. . . or do dreams actually have a meaningful reality?

I’m a firm believer in dreams having a certain type of reality
. . . obviously not the type of reality that we experience in
our everyday waking life reality.

It is true that there are many different types of dreams.
To avoid complexity I am going to speak here about only
the nightmarish-type dream.

I have an insight or view about the purpose of this
type of dream that I would like to share with you.

This view says that when some karma needs to be worked on
and resolved — but it is too difficult to experience in real waking life —
then we are given the opportunity to experience and work through it
in our dream state.

It’s the kind of experience that has us waking up and saying
with great relief, “Thank goodness it was only a dream!”

Although the dream has caused an unpleasant nightmare experience,
it is wonderful that we can thus resolve such a difficult karma.

Another way of experiencing and working through a difficult situation
— and also an extremely dangerous one — is with the view that a hologram
of us is sent into the real physical world to experience it for us.

This is, of course, a sci-fi view of experiencing both difficult and extremely dangerous situations. You can view this premise with whatever skepticism that you wish, but it is worth consideration as a possible reality, for it doesn’t vary that much from the type of reality one experiences in a dream.

After all is said and done, do we not often believe that we’ve been saved from danger by some kind of divine intervention . . . or by our guardian angel?

Well, who knows? . . . Maybe someone — or something — else was experiencing it for us . . . one that could not be harmed
. . . just like in our dreams!

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