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The New Age Rampage- Shit is Everywhere

Notes from Week Four

Photo Credit: Amberleigh Storms

This article is week four in a series on my experience with self-promoting. Week One, Week Two, Week Three, Week 3.5

This past week I’ve had some revelations. I have a wise friend (who would claim he’s not wise) suggest that if someone wants to support my work it’s because they enjoy it and want more of it- not because they’ll be getting something in return. I hadn’t thought of that. He’s right.

I’ve shifted gears in my thought process on how to go about building a fan base to support my writing. I’ve made a final decision on what my Patreon will offer patrons and I feel really good about where this is going. I haven’t gained any new patrons this week but that’s a mere hiccup in my grand plan.

Stories will remain open to the public and $5 monthly support patrons will have access to at least one exclusive story per week, photos, videos, group discussions, a book club and podcasts. Any amount above $5 will have an added bonus. You can view those rewards. I recently posted a chapter of my novel in progress for $100 patrons.

Here’s the thing I didn’t realize until now, I’ve put so much focus into gaining patrons that I forgot what the purpose of starting a Patreon was for. So I can write. So I can share stories. So I can build a creative community. That’s where my focus needs to be. It needs to be on doing what I love and the rest will fall into place.

I have confidence in myself.

Social media has kind of taken off. I’ve been posting three times daily on Instagram and Twitter. I’m still cracked out on answering questions on Quora and I’ve been cross posting my stories there as well. I’ve been checking in on Goodreads daily and have been having great dialog with other book lovers and writers.

These social media sites are slowing gaining a following but even more so important I’ve had the opportunity to interact and engage with followers. I view it as a gathering rather than a following.

I’m still lacking terribly on Facebook. I think it may be because I haven’t spent too much time invested on my personal Facebook page the past few months. What used to be cat memes and Sponge Bob videos has turned into politics and arguments.

I got help from my family this week. They’re supportive of my end goal and were more than willing to help me come up with ideas to engage patrons. My daughter made some cool advertisements.

My husband and my son helped figure out what would be needed to do podcasts on my Patreon and they got it set up for me. My daughter and I have been creating a list of ideas and I plan to have the first podcast up next week.

Now that I feel a bit more grounded and positive toward my Patreon goal I let my promo partner, Viktor go. He wasn’t too thrilled to hear the news.

His dedication is admirable. He showed up to work the next morning regardless. He was waiting for me when I arrived.

A reader left a response on the 3.5 update asking why I don’t just cultivate my Medium following for my Patreon and if I would share my secret on how I’ve gained such a high number of followers. This was my response. I genuinely mean every word.

There it is, my current plan is to mingle with readers and followers, continue writing the stories I love writing and keep posting visuals on social media.

I’ll post another update in a month. Hopefully it’ll all be coming together by then and I’ll be able to report a bit of traction.

I leave you now with a five second video of us driving through a cornfield.

Like what your reading? Support my work via Paypal or become a patron at patreon.com/erika_sauter.



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