The power we have in ourselves.

Just dig deep

Earlier this evening I watched the Bones Brigade: An Autobiography. This is not a review. In short the film looks back on the career of Stacey Peralta and some of the key members of the skateboarding team, the Bones Brigade.

Now, regardless of being a skater myself, this film speaks to me. Hearing some of the most inspirational and revolutionary skaters talk about how it personally was for them to stuggle and develop a career at a young age, grabs the passion inside of me and tugs me to my feet. I want to move. I want to create.

From this I realised a few things I think is valuable for us all to remember:


Sometimes you have to listen to yourself.

It’s obvious to say most days we take ourselves for granted and forget we have a voice, a reason and maybe some wisdom too.

Lots of things happen in our lives and we disregard them because we doubt our expertise. We don’t see our own potential. (“Maybe it was luck?”)

For example, whenever I skate I constantly talk myself through the things I am doing, kind of like a running commentary. (I also do this with non-skating activities.) However, when I tell myself to shut up, I can almost always do the thing I set out to do.

It took a long time but I realised that if I stop the rambling and silence the noise around me and within me, I can do anything I want to.

I also realised I could do the thing all along. See, the passion in my stomach (or my heart- somewhere deep inside) confirms I am 100% confident and capable. It’s just that tiny grain of doubt that can send me flying over the edge of the coping and tumbling into a heap.

I’ve realised when I think about what I am doing or about to do in depth, I quit. Even if I still start what I wanted to do. I bail or I fall- my mental confidence gone. However, I’ve learnt that when I commit, I achieve.

It’s as simple as that.

As soon as I stop talking to myself or others around me, as soon as I realise nobody is watching (because I’m not that important or interesting), nobody is judging- I’m not judging, I do what I set out to do. Everytime.

It’s about the belief we have in ourselves. No amount of thinking or talking is going to get the thing done. And even though we are told countless times to “belive in yourself”, it takes you to go out there and do it yourself to actually realise this.

We spend TOO much time waiting for praise, respect or acknowledgement from others when really, we only need to turn to ourselves and appreciate who we are and what we are capable. Eveyone else started out where you are now.

You are your own power.

You are your own strength.

Embrace yourself and be awesome.


Thanks for reading! Shout out to Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen who continue to inspire me.

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